Conduits & HDPE

N.R.Engineering Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and distributor of electrical conduits, flexible metal conduits, liquidtight flexible metal conduits, along to conduit fittings and accessories which are marketed as the “BlueEagle” brand. Our products have been approved with TISI and globally accepted UL safety certification. Apart from BlueEagle goods, we also are the official sales representative of numerous leading brands, offering high quality electrical conduits and parts for all usage types and environments—indoors, outdoors, or underground.


Our electrical conduits are made from galvanized steel that meet JIS-G3302 standards. The materials used are strong, durable, flexible, and have passed UL and TISI 770-2533 standards.

Electrical Steel Conduit

EMT Electrical Metallic Tubing

  • Size 1/2 Inch- 2 Inch
  • Standard: ANSI C.80.3 / UL 797

IMC Intermediate Metal Conduit

  • Size 1/2 Inch- 4 Inch
  • Standard: ANSI C.80.6 / UL 1242
  • Material: Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel (JIS G3302)

RSC (Rigid Steel Conduit)

  • Size 1/2 Inch- 6 Inch
  • Standard: ANSI C.80.1 / UL 6
Flexible Metal Conduit

Flexible Metal Conduit (Squarelocked)

Size 1/2 Inch- 4 Inch
  • Stucture Squarelocked
  • High Flexible
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel JIS G3302

Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit (Squarelocked)


  • Structure Squarelocked
  • High flexible
  • Galvanized Steel JIS G3302
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel
  • PVC Coated High Grade
Color Black/ Grey

Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit (EF-Interlock)

Size 1/2 Inch- 4 Inch
Type Structure Due to Interlocked coated
  • Galvanized Steel JIS G3302
  • PVC High Grade covering helps protect pipes from being waterproof, oil-proof, supple and resistant to high corrosion.
Color Black/ Grey

uPVC conduits and accessories

These white conduits are easy to install, lightweight, anti-flammable, and rust-free. They have passed British Standard BS EN 61386-21:2004+A11:2010 and tests by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, referencing to TISI 216-2524.

Rigid uPVC Conduit
These conduits are for electric cables and telephone cables. It can be bent easily without requiring heat. With the right proportion of additives, it has special UV ray proof and inflammable properties.


UV-ray proof


Electricity insulator


Fitting & Accessories

Mounting Clip



Circular Junction Box

Rectangle Junction Box

Square Junction Box

HDPE conduits

HDPE or High Density Polyethylene is strong and durable towards compression and chemicals. It can be used outdoors and underground. For electrical cables, these conduits are black with orange stripes. Customers can order in lengths longer than 100 meters/roll, depending on the suitability of the transportation method.

  • The standard conduit’s length is 6 meters per roll
  • For conduits sizes 20 – 110mm, customers can order 50 or 100 meters per roll
  • For conduits sizes 125 – 160mm, the roll is 6 meters per roll
These conduits are strong and flexible. It can prevent water droplets and moisture from seeping in, thus help protecting cables from scratches, smoke, dust, water stains, oil stains, and therefore are suitable for machines in industrial factories, silos, skyscrapers, general buildings, and for computers.

Fitting & Accessories

Bend 90

Coupling A

Coupling B

Bell Sleeve


EFLEX/EFLEX-FR corrugated high density polyethylene / with flame retardant respectively Pipe , EFLEX has several times as much flattening strength as ordinary uncorrugated plastic pipes and is remarkably flexible and easy to handle. Easy to bend, strong and economical, EFLEX replaces conventional pipes and has already been used extensively in many underground cable installations to favorable reviews.


Straight Joint

Bell mount

End Cap

Joining Adaptor

Eflex Clamp


Light and easy to bend, PFLEX-CD/ CD-FR series conduit ensure speedy, smooth, and safelaying work. They permit easy wire pulling and dramatically increase the efficiency of cable installation. Let your indoor wiring be done by novel PFLEX-CD/CD-FR series conduits which contribute much to labor and cost saving.

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