Service scopes

Electrical system and electrical devices inspection service in industrial factories.

Annual electriccal system inspection testing & ​​​Preventive ​Maintenance in industrial factories according to the law

Test the heat of electric systems using a thermoscan

Repair and provide maintenance for electric systems in industrial factories or other establishments as needed

“Tests for confidence, safety, and standards”

N.R.Engineering Co., Ltd. offers annual testing and maintenance for electric systems and electrical devices in industrial factories to lessen any risks or damages that may occur.

Electric device testing services

Annual electric systems maintenance services


Testing and preventive maintenance will help customers find solutions and plan maintenance operations. Processes are carried out by the Company’s specially trained engineers and are suitable for offices and buildings, condominiums, industrial factories, and public organizations.

The engineer team consists of experts with 30+ years of experience and have passed special training from the leading energy institutes.

They use cutting-edge technology and equipment in the test. If any problems are detected, they will propose the best solution to resolve it. The Company can later issue official reports on the results.

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