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N.R.Engineering Co., Ltd. is HOLLEY GROUP’s sales representative for electricity meters, which have been approved by the Thai Electricity Authority, certified with TISI standards, received international standards from KEMA Institute (the Netherlands), and approved by the Ministry of Industry or MASCI which was founded since 2000. Here we are also the Southeast Asian Headquarters for Holley Group. There are branches all over the world; in the USA, Canada, India, Argentina, Nigeria, the Philippines, and other countries, as well as Thailand which the Group has been serving customers for 13 years. With over 4 decades of experience in manufacturing electricity meters in China, they have collected knowledge, experience, production technology, and the best service to give. Today, the Group is ready to develop and produce quality meters for electricity users all across the globe.


The HLD01 single-phase watt-hour meter is adopted the latest technology in the range of ferrous type induction meter. The meter has been designed in a modular structure allowing for fewer components with the benefits of reduced cost and increased reliability. Servicing costs have been kept to a minimum due to the structure design. and the wide measuring range ensures accurate measurement at both low and high loads.
The HLD01 meter enables electricity supplier authorites to install the meter with total confidence, realizing these expected high peak loads. while at the same time recording low consumption accurately.
A long and trouble-free service life is guaranteed by a state of art design concept. specialized finishing of components, and high stability of the brake magnets.
The HLD01 meter. awarded the KEMA certification, has been designed and manufactured in compliance with IEC521

Single-phase Watt-hour Meter
RATED (MAX) CURRENT 5(15), 15(45), 30(100)A


DT58 series three-phase watt-hour meter. including DT58/DS58 three-phase four/three-wire watt-hour metres and DX58/DX59 three-phase four/three-wire var-hour meters, are induction typr three-phase logn-service life meters. designed with advanced techniques.
Equitalbe structure, magnetic circuit design and strict thechnical control guarantee D58 meters stable metering, reliable function and low service costs. Through strict selection and post-treatment of the materials of electromagetic element and the magnetic compensation, D58 are entitled with good lead characteristic and excellent staring perrformance. And the low mechanical load of register, hte homogeneity of magnetic bearing and steady friction fo moving element ensure stability of accuracy during the service life.
The Dt58 series have been designed and manufactured in comply with IEC521 OR BS5685

Three-phase Watt-hour meter
RATED (MAX) CURRENT 15 (45), 30 (100), CT 5A

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